For those who are still dealing with the pandemic, the current situation our country is experiencing with protests and rioting is not helping to lift our already sagging spirits.  With everyone on edge, everything feels overwhelming, especially for those who are still on lockdown with their families.  The time that we were once able to have at our altars has been drastically decreased.  Many of us are feeling less than magickal these days. It’s for that very reason that we must ask for some alone time so that we can engage in some quiet time to ground and center ourselves. Not only will we come away feeling a bit better, but we will be able to spread those good vibes to those whom we are sheltering in place with. For those witches who may be more advanced than others, it may seem silly to worry about the basics, like grounding and centering. But the flip side of that thinking is sometimes simple works best. Rather than trying to figure out a way to go big the next time you manage to create a little slice of time that you can devote to your practice, go small instead and prepare to engage in the simple act of lighting some relaxing incense (like Lavender) to help you to feel calm.

Flourish Hearts

Get into a comfortable seated position, take a few deep breaths and begin to scan your body, relaxing those areas that are holding on to stress. Once you’ve done that, begin to slow down your racing mind and imagine that you are sprouting roots that are making their way deep into the center of the Earth and just imagine a rhythmic pulsation flowing down through your roots and into the Earth below. With each pulsation, envision a black cloud carrying your darker emotions leaving you. Once the dark cloud has completely been drained away from you, imagine that the dark cloud gradually becomes pink. The pink color is the love that your darker feelings have been transmuted into before being sent lovingly back up through your roots and into your body. Allow that love and peace to completely fill you.  Sit in that love. Sit in that contentment. When you are ready, open your eyes, get up, stretch, thank Mother Earth for helping you get back in balance and prepare to get back to whatever it was you were doing before you shut yourself into your room. (Make sure that your incense has been extinguished if it hasn’t burned all the way down).  You can play this meditation using the player.

There may be some who are new to the practice of the Craft who see grounding and centering as too basic. But getting the basics down serves as a wonderful foundation on which to build. The act of grounding and centering helps to release excess energy, can help you to connect with your true self and help you to see things with a new set of eyes. We can get so caught up in the madness of life that we sometimes forget to even breathe properly.  Grounding and centering is an excellent way to allow us to release that which isn’t serving us well and to embrace that which does. It’s also a good exercise to engage in that helps to develop your ability to envision (which is key in spellwork). The next time that you feel yourself overcome with a variety of emotions that make you feel on edge… take a few moments to ground and center. You’re worth the time! Blessed be!