magick healing waterI have one word that attracts people to Witchcraft, POWER. Power is having control over their lives, and things in the world they may not have had control over in the past. Power to change what they don’t like. The power to change what makes them miserable. The power of magick that transforms their world. The attraction to Witchcraft is that one word that means so much and begins with Healing in many forms.

I have read several questions on the subject of why People with mental issues are attracted to such things as Wicca and Witchcraft. Off of the diagnosing, medicating and doctor issues. I want to make a comment about why people who have been diagnosed and treated for mental illness are in the Wiccan/Witchcraft Community and why regular people with regular issues begin the journey in Religions such as Wicca.

I believe that people who have been abused in one way or another, damaged by outside forces of some kind, diagnosed with mental illness or disorder, all have an imbalance between mind, body, and spirit and need healing, so many of these seek religion with hopes of one of two main purposes. To relieve them of the responsibility of their lives or to gain control of their lives. This is not a bad thing, It is a very human thing to do.

I propose  that anyone who is religious of any faith may be there because they are not in balance and are seeking balance even if they don’t know it. Of Course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t wolves there who seek to prey on the rest. Religions such as Christianity teach to give up your will to God, for many who have these issues; giving up one’s will is the problem, they don’t have any control and they have given their will up, regardless if it was to an abuser, attacker, or God.

Wicca and Witchcraft teach We have power and control over our lives and for those who have had their will suppressed in some way for some reason are attracted to Wicca and Witchcraft. Of course, not all who are Witches or Wiccan have issues, and even those who do, are also drawn by the spirit to this belief and practice because of its connection to nature and what is naturally attained as well. I also believe that because of abuse and other issues including mental illness many of us have naturally developed our gifts.

I was told by an atheist once who had achieved her Ph.D. in Psychology that all Wiccans are sexually abused and all pagans are drug addicts. Although, this is offensive in its generality there are Wiccans, Witches and pagans with these issues. However, I believe through Wicca, Witchcraft, and other paths we gain healing and through healing we gain strength to overcome.

We hone our skills that we probably wouldn’t have, had we never experienced the bad things or mental illnesses or other disorders. I know I put a lot of emphasis on healing in my posts, and I realize that not everyone is in need of healing. However, there are so many who do need to begin their quest with healing, even if it is just plain ole basic witchcraft and not a religion at all.

Back in Time, before the term Witch or Witchcraft was used and communities used terms like the Cunning one, Cunning folk, Shaman, Medicine man/woman, Wise ones or other titles; These special people were usually the healers. They healed in many ways. Through Herbs, and magick they healed the mind, body and spirit of those in the community.

I have heard comments that Wicca is so weak these days because all you hear about is healing and self-help. Even I talk a lot about this. However, health issues, mental illness diagnosis being on the rise, and even religions are growing because many seek the spiritual connection. Emphasis is being put out there to begin with healing because to truly be happy and content one needs to be in harmony or in balance within.

Knowing what spells to do, understanding what you truly desire, listening to the spirit when it tells you which herbs to use, all are more effective and even gainful if you are in balance. I’m not even discussing if people are good or bad. I am talking about doing the right type of magick that actually brings you what your heart truly desires. Knowing what your heart truly desires is one key.

Through healing old wounds, and Everyone has old wounds because we are all human, help to gain other skills, and one of those very important skills that come through healing is insight. Even if insight is achieved through healed retrospect, it helps us to gain wisdom and knowledge. With wisdom and knowledge, we grow and become stronger and better. Knowing what to do, when a spell is needed or when it simply requires action on our part.

Healing is not just for the religious or the mentally ill, it is for all of humanity. That is part of the metamorphosis or change we go through when we become a true and real witch with actual skills with true power. For some, misery makes them happy. For others, it takes wit with healing.

Just my thoughts.

Summer Song