In BetweenHave you ever thought about the places in between. I’m talking about times of day like when the light of dawn just cracks over the horizon, ending the night. Or dusk when it is twilight, the sun is just about to go down over the horizon and the stars are just starting to peak in the sky. this is the in between day and night/night and day. What about doorways when you are not outside or inside. Some talk about the veil between the worlds. That would be the world of the living and the world of the dead. It is said that on the Celtic new year’s Eve, Samhain or as Christians have dubbed it, Hallow’s eve or Halloween, the veil between the worlds is thinnest and is when it is easier to commune with those who have passed over.

I recall watching an episode of my favorite show, Charmed. I know, it’s not real. But the concept of the betweens being magical is. In this episode, a little girl was being plagued by trolls who dwelled in the between places because they wanted the fairy she had locked away in a little box. It is said that when you are casting a spell, talking to the dead, using any form of divination, you are between the worlds. It is this in between place that connects the physical with the spiritual and I believe it is the connection to magick.

In the evening, I like to meditate as the sun begins to set until when the  sun slides down over the horizon and can no longer be seen. In this in-between moment, I find that life for me seems to be the most relaxed and calm. It is like taking a breath or a little break from the stressors and activities of the day and life for that matter. I find that I can reach an altered state of mind during this time with ease. I also have found that a really great time to do certain spells is at midnight. the moment between one day and the next and sometimes it best when the moon is dark. that dark moment in between the waning and the waxing moon is a very powerful time for witches as well.

Some Wiccans believe that the resting place for souls who are in between one life to the next go to a place called the Summerlands where it is always dusk and their spirits can rest before beginning their journey in their next life. I have found that at least for me, the in between is the most magickal and powerful place to work the craft.

I am not really speaking of the things that lurk in the dark shadows of the in between, but the magick that is both dark and light, that thrives in between all the places where we dwell. Have you ever had a vision or saw a spirit at that moment in between being asleep and awake? Have you felt the power of the between during the solstice? Have you ever wondered why witches even recognize these in-betweens?

If there are good and bad magickal creatures that exist, I would say they live in the between places. So when you plan your next spell, think about the in between places that hold so much magick for us. It may even make one consider the reason for casting a circle of protection before stepping into the in between place where magick will manifest our desires. Even life is an in-between place and our lives are full of magick. Tell me, do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you travel the in-between places?

Summer Song