Sowilo PoppyWhen I first began my trek into witchcraft, the concept of mind, body, and spirit being connected in such a way that they actually affect each other was very new to me. Up until that point, I had felt that these three parts of what makes me a whole person seemed very disconnected. In fact so disconnected that parts seemed to even be shattered. As I learned about the concept I began to understand that they are Supposed to be connected but I had a very difficult time understanding it fully. I just couldn’t make the connection.

My teacher tried to explain it in the most simple way and although I understood it was a belief and that somehow these were connected like with an invisible cord or whatever I didn’t really understand how much they affect the whole. I will go a little into my story. From the time I was a child, I had gone through terrible traumas such as abuse, house fires and even things as minor as an unstable environment. We moved constantly. I had terrible night terrors. I often woke up the household and sometimes had neighbors pounding on the door in the middle of the night with my shrill screams of terror. Through the course of my life from birth up, my spirit had been damaged. Shattered in a way. It affected my sleep and my mental and physical state of being.

I didn’t make that connection then. My health began to deteriorate. I developed diseases like Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism which effects the mind and emotional balance as well as my physical health.  I still didn’t make the connection of how much one aspect is so connected to the others that it affects the whole. I can’t say that I am in perfect health because I am not. Even when I am at a reasonably healthy weight my other functions such as cholesterol and vitamin D3 were not good. Depression, anxiety, insomnia are the result of how a shattered soul or damaged spirit and my physical diseases contribute to battles of the health of my mind which is a direct blow to my spirit which is a direct effect of my physical health. It is like a kinetic circle of energy that flows and connects and affects each part.

Yeah, yeah, I got it, so I thought. It wasn’t until last year that I actually got the connection of how the mind, body and spirit actually affect one another. a couple of years ago the means and timing came for me to receive a little counseling. a few pieces of my spirit were finding their way back. With lots of scars, I might add. The next thing I know I’m sick again. Only this time instead of my thyroid medication being raised it was dramatically being lowered. there was some improvement in my thyroid function.  Over the next couple of years, little pieces have been put back in its now damaged and ill-fitting place to heal but yes leaving emotional and mental scars. My health, although still poor is improving, slowly. Still didn’t really make that connection. I understood the concept, but I really didn’t know.

A Year ago, after a long haul of some heavy extractions of toxicity from my life because of my spiritual healing, I came about to stop eating gluten. I didn’t know what that would actually mean for me and I’m in no way suggesting that it is the right thing for you but that I discovered that for me gluten was not my friend. At the time, I didn’t really believe it. I didn’t know if the change would bring any results. But because of my spiritual healing, my mind was beginning to heal and I was desiring change for my physical health.

I stopped the gluten, The physical symptoms of fatigue and such began to go away, The acid reflux was barely noticeable if at all experienced. The physical pain was being alleviated. Ok, this is great, eliminating a few things from my diet make me feel better. Where I was once merely existing, I now feel clear minded. Going on a year later, I am still healing and I am still changing, but now I know with clarity how the mind, body and spirit are connected and how they each affect the other. My cholesterol which at one point was to the sky, now I don’t need medication, my thyroid medication holding at a lower dose, I can walk farther, which affects how I feel. It affects my mental clarity and mindset. My spiritual being or my soul continues to heal just as my body continues to heal.

I have a ways to go and I will never be as perfect as the day I came into this world, but now I have a deeper understanding of the connection of whole. No wonder the rune symbol I saw as a toddler was Sowilo. The Rune of Wholeness. This is my journey. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Summer Song


P.S. I believe your life has meaning and purpose. I would love to hear your story. What is your lesson? what is your journey? what is the road your are on? What does your life mean to you? What does your life have to teach you? Where do you fit into this world of existence? You Matter.