One of the very first basic concepts I was introduced to at the beginning of my Journey into Witchcraft was Shielding. Of course, that was after I learned how to feel and actually manipulate energy. When I was a child, about 4 years old, I was taught how to create a shield in a very rudimentary way. I did it that way until I learned more about it and understood the concept intellectually instead of just emotionally.

I’ve heard people talk about the blue bubble and other strange things as if it is some insane concept. There are many different concepts of shielding and the “Blue Bubble” is one of the most well known of them.

I am going to get quite basic here for a minute to help with understanding my mindset on it.

Energy is manipulated and controlled in the art of Witchcraft. It is used to create changes in our own reality. In my experience, this is done with a combination of intellect and emotion. Emotion is the propeller and intellect is the wheel that directs it.

Understanding the basic concept of Manipulating Energy and being proficient in working with energy for the purpose of shielding is quite easy. I have an easy technique I used to practice with energy as a novice that I recommend to new students in the craft who want to improve their skills.

So, Why do so many people call it the “Blue Bubble”?

It was called the “Blue Bubble” because it was often instructed to visualize a soft blue light coming from your power hand, (I visualized it coming from my heart center when I shield) to create a bubble of protection.

The next step was to imagine this soft blue light getting bigger and bigger until it envelops your whole body or even car, or home. Do this until you can solidly feel and see this bubble in your mind’s eye.

The concept of the Bubble reminds me of the energy shield on Startrek and also the Priestly bubble in The World of Warcraft.

It is a shield of energy surrounding you and deflecting Psychic energy, Psychic attacks, emotions of others for empaths, and anything that is energy related and for me, this included “spirits”.

Some people visualize zipping up a zipper to create their shield while others use a different method. How you do it is up to you, it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets the best results you can achieve.

I often shield when in public by draping a visualized cloth of energy dampening the emotions of others around me. I am sensitive to energy and emotions are energy to me. If I don’t shield, I can be overwhelmed in groups and the larger the group the harder it is for me. I have to shield.

To begin practicing shielding, it is important to create that “Bubble” in your mind. How it will work for you, what it will do for you, exactly what you understand it to be will determine the strength of your shield. The power of belief is a huge tool in the Witch’s handbag.

You don’t have to be Wiccan or Rosicrucian to use the “Blue Bubble” shielding concept. Honestly, it is just a guide to help you develop your own concept of your shield. I look at everything I encounter as a guide. A guide for what to be or do and what not to do or be.

One of the basic concepts of Shielding is its purpose. The purpose of shielding is for protection from negative energy. If you don’t understand the basic concepts of energy, the “Bubble” will not make any sense to you what-so-ever. That is why one of the first meditation practices I recommend is sensing and working with energy.

I really wish this concept of shielding would be discussed more openly among Witches and Wiccans to give other ideas and suggestions and even inspiration on various ways of experiencing energy.

If you would like to share with others who may benefit from your experience, comment below or contact us to submit a post.

May you discover that blessings come to you easily.

Summer Song