Do you have what it takes to become a witch?
Find out in this short 5 min. video.

To become a witch takes time, perseverance, effort, and commitment. It isn’t something that we can simply do a spell to become. Yes, spells may help us on our journey as we walk the path of witchcraft but there is more to it than that. No matter which path you choose, it takes work to change. Becoming a witch is a journey of transformation. taking the title of Witch doesn’t really make you one. It isn’t based on how you look, if you’re thin or fat, pretty or ugly, it isn’t how you dress or any other feature. Being a witch isn’t what you believe, it is what you do. Your actions define you.

Here are some key points of what it takes to become a witch.

  • Attitude about the world, life and problems
  • Self-discipline
  • personal commitment
  • to think for yourself and growth
  • Goals
  • Live, learn, and contribute

These points are some of the keys that help define how to become a Witch. Even if you have some natural gifts, it takes the time to shape them and develop them. If you are an experienced Witch, You know how difficult some of the lessons can be.

If you are a new Witch, it may become clear to you as you grow in the craft. I use the word grow because as we gain information and knowledge, as we put that knowledge into practice we become more, we become different. As we practice we continue to learn and as we learn we transform. Sometimes, this may be apparent on the outside after a time but essentially the transformation I am referring to is the inner you.

As we grow, our understandings, beliefs and actions change along the way. We may even choose a different path as we go along in our different periods of growth.

I have found that for me, growth is a cycle and there have been many different cycles of change in my life. I am still learning my lessons and continue to transform.

Such is the cycle of becoming a Witch. It is a personal experience, and because it is personal no one journey is exactly the same. There are similar experiences and like-minded folks.

If you have been drawn to the path of Witchcraft, I hope you find what you are seeking. One of the lessons I learned from Wicca is that if what you seek you do not find within, you will never find it without.

Blessed Be

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