Story Time With Summer…

In what seems like eons ago, I had the fright of my life. Believe it or not, I was a very Christian girl. I was devout and committed to Jesus. There are stories I could tell you about how religious I was. I was actually going through a huge change in my life and dealing with some heavy emotional issues with immense loss. I was altruistic, idealistic, and very set in my ways.

Apparently, I wasn’t as set in my ways as I thought. It was just before Christmas. My children were still young. I was shopping for gifts that I could afford and it was probably the last year I would ever be able to buy gifts for my children. The guy I lived with would call me a natural witch and when I made tea he would call it my witch’s brew.

In my family, it is almost a guarantee to get some good old fashioned sweet tea when anyone came to visit. Being such a devout Christian soldier for God, being called a witch was a jab and the idea of becoming a Witch was as frightening as being demon possessed. OOOOHHH Scarrrry stuff.

I was very fearful of all the spirits and ghosts. Movies about demons and ghost hauntings would give me nightmares and I would have intense anxiety about them. The Quija Board was demonic and a tool of Satan. It was to be feared and never used because it would invite evil spirits into your home and bad things would happen to you.

I was taught that my natural gifts of empathy and insights were of Satan and that I should repent and rebuke Satan. I was so afraid of everything natural because everything that came naturally to me was evil. Nature was evil. So, one day, I was walking through the store not quite sure of what I was looking for, I found more than I bargained for.

In the Toy section of a corporate discount department store, I saw the Magic Eight Ball. It was a giant black ball filled with a dark colored fluid with a little floating piece inside that had answers printed on it. These things were obscure answers like “yes, definitely”, “absolutely”, “NO”, things like that. I can’t remember these days what the answers were exactly but I do remember the question I asked that day.

I picked up the Magic Eight Ball and I shook it. I giggled to myself and thought of the most ridiculous questions I could come up with. I was a devout Christian and my faith did not waver. Until that moment I asked If I stay with this guy will I become a Witch. I giggled some more as I asked the question. I looked at the answer. Oh My God! It said, “Yes, Definitely”.

I looked at this toy in my hand with the utmost fear. I could feel the color drain from my cheeks as my head began to swim. I asked the question again and got a confirmation by this Magic Eight Ball that I was definitely going to become a Witch! I quickly dropped that cursed Eight Ball back in the bin and ran away as fast and as far as I could. I didn’t buy anything that day. I left the store immediately and prayed all the way home for protection from Satan.

I am sure my spirit guide was rolling on the ethereal floor laughing her immortal ass off as I prayed for protection from the magic eight ball owned by Satan and his legion of Witches.

Needless to say, I was soon on my very Wiccan path running very quickly away from my Christian faith and was happy to do so. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was already on a spiritual path to leave Christianity. I just had to figure it out for myself.

Today, I am not afraid of the mystery behind the little Magic Eight Ball and I really wish I had one. I am not afraid of my craft and I can’t imagine life any different. I may not identify as Wiccan these days, but then again, I don’t really identify with religion as much as I do with my solitary spiritual practices.  I have found the path I belong on, at least for today.

Hip Hip Hurray for that little magic eight ball of yesterday.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song