We’ve applied the label of “Witch” to certain human traits and practices and our natural connection to nature. We often think that this connection to nature is unnatural because we aren’t raised that way.

As one who has accepted the application of that label, I have wondered why I needed that label in the first place.

There are many wonderful and exciting reasons to learn about Witchcraft and how to practice a lot of the various methods of what a Witch does. The one consistent basics of Witchcraft is that “The Craft” is indeed a Craft or a Method of living a mundane life that doesn’t seem so mundane these days considering the average mundane activities in a regular person’s life is texting or watching a video on Youtube or whatever. Not deep shadow work or practicing certain mental techniques which actually help to train your brain. All of the stuff in Witchcraft is focused or Centered in everything natural.

If one even believes in spirits, aren’t spirits natural? Many people get caught up in the word Demon as being something evil. To me, in my understanding, a demon is just another word for spirit. Looking at it that way, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is just as accurate to say Holy Demon. Names are Labels. Understanding the purpose of a label helps to take away the cognitive distortion placed on those labels. The meaning of words change through the ages and so does human language. Compare old English to Modern English.

I have found that those who are drawn to a more natural way of living are simply being called back to what is Natural in them. We are biological beings that are a part of this ecosystem. Of course, we are drawn to live like we are meant to live. Humans are meant to live in harmony with nature because we are part of that nature.  It is that nature that heals our wounds the best. It can help heal our Psychological wounds, our spiritual wounds, and our physical health and all in the natural pratices of what it is to be a human being with so much knowledge at your fingertips to make that an even stronger tie to nature.

It is our human nature that draws us to what is a natural way of living and humans have a natural gregarious need to “belong” and to “fit in”. For many, the first part of our lives is learning what our parents and society have to teach us which usually screws us up horribly. One day, the call is so strong that we just can’t contain it anymore. We all need to feel like we belong somewhere. That is a basic human trait and need. When we find this label that matches our needs and it fits and feels so good that we know we belong in this group that calls themselves Witches. It gives you an Identity that is closer to who you are or who you are becoming because it takes you back to your own nature within nature.

The great thing about Witchcraft is the abundance of lore and mythos collected over the centuries that help us get back to that basic human nature. These Myths and lore paint colorful and foundational stories that offer examples of human behaviors. Some of these are what to do and some are what NOT to do. Witchcraft is fun and feels good and doesn’t really take a lot of basic human fulfillment away from the basic human. It offers methods of how to experience personal healing as well as personal growth and development in a direction that can have a profoundly positive effect on your life. It can also have a profoundly negative affect on your life if your perception is still underdeveloped. It isn’t because of some evil entity or demon or anything like that for needing the warning about “DABLING” in the craft. It is about trying to do things that are beyond your personal development.

Over the last few decades, practitioners have been trying to validate this “unusual” group of practices, beliefs, and concepts based on living life naturally, holistically, and in touch with a part of Life that goes unnoticed or unobserved. It is a mix of the ancient minds of humanity, modern human minds, history, science, and philosophy as well as methods on how to achieve this connection to such things. For some, recognizing the connection is all they need while others are driven to delve deep into their own subconscious mind and therefore connect directly to God. (Go figure that one out and yes it’s possible).

Witchcraft has grown beyond simply living in harmony with nature.

Even still, I believe that the root basics of The Craft, all Witchcraft, is founded in the Nature of the Universe. Yes, I believe that God is in everything, even you. I believe in Animism. If you are not sure what Animism is, please take a minute to look it up on Youtube. There you can view the definitions from several perspectives.

The way I perceive a lot of the information and beliefs in Witchcraft can be quite different than other Witches. Each stage of development in Witchcraft comes with a new understanding of old principles. A great example of that is the book Titled “The Kybalion”. In this book, it mentions some principles that may or may not help you at the current stage of development you may or may not be in. In the Kybalion, it goes into 7 Hermetic principles and one of them is “God Is Mind”. I recommend at least looking at the first two principles while trying to decide about God. Who and what is he? Where is God? Is God a spirit or Invisible man in the sky? Why does God exist? When will we meet this Omniscient and Omnipresent being?

It’s like Santa Clause. Isn’t it?

It is very common to get this feeling or “calling” toward something. We have an urgency that we have something we must do but we may not be aware of what that is. I promise you that no one can tell you what that is. That is something that will reveal itself to you when you start looking at it within yourself, quietly listening. That usually requires a bit of that famed shadow work. Shadow work (oversimplified) is basically a lot of introspection and being completely honest with yourself, then, working to improve the parts of yourself that need a little work.

There is one thing to always keep in mind when thinking about Magick and Witchcraft.

Magick really is found in the Mundane.

Magick is found in the mundane of your life such as what you eat, how well you take care of yourself and what you do based on what you believe. It is in Your mind, body, and spirit where the magick resides. It is inside you and it is you. There are things that one may hear older Witches say and other old Witches may nod and agree with those statements with an understanding that is elusive to the rest of the world and in fact, what they are saying sounds completely crazy and self-deceptive like proclaiming you are a fairy or something (not that being a fairy is bad or anything). When one finally develops that understanding, they look for more answers in the mundane way of living. Everything you need to know already surrounds you. You just have to be guided in how to “see it”. (much like Pumpkin in the children’s book “Pumpkin Meets the Faery Queen”). It is about developing your “Sight” for such things.

The reason there are different types of Witches (traditions) is that we are all different with different talents and skill sets just like in professions such as being a Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Teacher, or President of the United States. We are all called to do something in our lives, aren’t we? I believe it is how well we quiet ourselves and pay attention to the message that our higher self is trying to tell us. I love Pagan music because there really is a lot of wisdom in the “rhetorical” entertainment found in the poetry and music of the Bards.  (you just have to learn how to see it and hear it).

Of course, I have to share one example of this enjoyable wealth of Wisdom.

If you are thinking that having an ancestor who seemed to have been a Witch makes you one, that isn’t true. We are all human and Witchcraft is truly a human inheritance. What will make YOU a Witch is what you “DO”. Witches DO what Witches understand. I had a Great Grandmother that I’m told was well sought out by others for her accurate Psychic readings. My own mother who practiced Cartomancy and Tasseography, certainly, I don’t know how well she practiced at it because by the time I was 7 years old my mother had converted to Christianity. She didn’t call herself a Witch but after becoming a Christian, she began to worry if what she did made her a Witch and she was instructed to abandon all of those types of practices. My sister was told that her Clairvoyance was of the Devil. I don’t agree with that. But here is the thing. My Great Grandma and My Mother have no bearing on my path in the Craft.

Witchcraft is a Label that has become a truly awesome Thing. If you are being Called to Witchcraft or to do something particular in or with Witchcraft, welcome to your next stage of personal development. This is going to be an adventure for you.

By the way, I have had a few of these urgencies or callings including one I am in the process of answering at this moment in my life.  I believe that when we reach a particular place in our development, we are called to do something that actually helps others as part of our next stage of development. I’ve recently had yet another one and I know I will have to go to college before I can really get into the swing of this particular calling. It has been an ongoing process for me. It started when I was a young girl. When it happens to us or for us all depends on our stage of development and what our final outcome is to be.

Don’t rush it. Don’t suppress it. Let it Rise. 

Summer Song