Call of the PatronSome people experience the call of the patron god or goddess. I can not stress enough that this is a very personal experience. Not everyone has this experience because not everyone believes in a form of deity. Since witchcraft is an art that can be both spiritual and religious or void of spirituality and/or religion it isn’t something that is necessary to work magick. Because I am both religious and spiritual my experience with witchcraft has been a mix of both. What is the Call of the Patron? It is where a specific God or Goddess calls to you. Usually, there is a spiritual experience associated with that particular deity. For me, I would have to say that Brigid (called by many versions of the name) is my Patron Goddess. These experiences that some people have are usually very unique and individual. My own experience began when I was a small child. Some believed it was my imaginary friend. When I was a child this very invisible being came to me. I recall when I was about 4 years old this presence whom I could not see as a physical person but felt more like a spirit for no better description. She introduced herself to me as Sidhe. I always called her She from the time I was a little girl until I was nearing 30 years old when I met a Wiccan Priest who asked her name. I hadn’t thought to ask her name before but She told me it was Seo Brighit at that moment in time. I can’t properly pronounce it or likely spell it the way Sidhe had pronounced it, but the Priest told me it would be okay to simply call her Brigid.

Speaking to her was very natural to me considering I had listened to her often over the years and was free to ask questions. It is different for everyone and it does seem a little on the crazy side. But if you believe in spirits, God, Jesus, prayer and basically anything religious this doesn’t seem so crazy while it is happening to you, but seems to be very naturally occurring. Sidhe taught me how to cast circles and that I shouldn’t talk to spirits unless I have already cast this circle of protection. I learned how to see with my third eye and manipulate and feel the energy, sense the presence of other unseen beings, and so much more. It was Sidhe that told me when to start searching for a “physical” teacher and who lead me to find books about the history or five waves and the Tuatha De Danann. I learned that She was really Sidhe and simply meant spirit and that Brigid was a goddess. It was this goddess who lead me to the witch who became my “physical” teacher, although my physical teacher probably wasn’t really aware that I called her that, and the other witches from whom I learned.

I have heard others speak of the calling from various deity, not just Wiccans but others as well. Their stories are all amazing and just as spiritual. Although the particular patron deity may be associated with a specific tradition or religious system, the experience is completely spiritual. I recall I was a very religious Christian as I grew up learning things that Christianity didn’t teach. However, it did eventually conflict with Christian teachings as for the religious beliefs but spirituality was my overall experience and that is what I have always held on to. Yes, my patron goddess taught me a bit about what we all know as witchcraft but the religious part of my beliefs are my own and although I do practice a religion, however, my core experiences and beliefs are the spiritual teachings I learned from Sidhe.

I don’t get called by just one goddess but by various gods and goddesses depending on what is happening in my life and what the need may be. I am called by deity from different pantheons and even from different religions from time to time. Not everyone has these experiences and none of them that do are the same. One thing for sure is that when you do get the call of a patron god or goddess it is unmistakable. Recently, the goddess Hathor called to me. I had not heard of her and wasn’t sure how to spell her name, but I looked her up on the internet and quickly found some basic information about her. I called on her in a ritual to prepare for a spell I was going to do and I made sure to thank her for her influence. I feel her presence with me from time to time, but I also feel that Brigid is standing next to her with me.

If you are one of those who have had the call of a Patron Deity, appreciate and honor this deity, for they have chosen you. Know that your experience is individual and personal. Although others may share your Patron, they don’t share your experience.