As I have sat in many facebook groups, I have heard many mention personal gain. What they are talking about is what we gain personally from whatever we do and in the context of magick it is more specifically what we obtain on a personal level from our craft. Although I feel this is an old subject that is still being passed off as a real ethic today, I thought I would brush over it anyway.

Back in the late 90s, there was a television show called Charmed. It was fun and entertaining. It was a time when there wasn’t as much readily available information out there about witchcraft and Wicca and many new Witches were getting their information from available media such as Charmed and other places of less accurate accounts. Much like today with the added social media such as Facebook groups where this misinformation is spread as facts, we see a lot of misinformation about Wicca and Witchcraft being passed around.

In Witchcraft, when we are moved to use magick or pretty much do anything it is for personal gain. I mean it is with the intent to gain or to obtain or secure something for our own personal benefit. It can be anything from personal growth, financial benefits such as money spells, or anything that improves our lives.

If there wasn’t some sort of personal gain involved there would be no desire or intent to work with. Considering that is how I believe magick is fueled and created, there has to be some sort of personal gain. Because some people put this “Charmed ones” rule of No personal gain into their real life practice they have began to teach that it is wrong or bad to do anything that benefits the witch and it is wrong to charge for classes to teach Wicca and it is wrong to charge for services such as charm bags and other types of magick. But this gets confusing to me when it is ok to sell books that teach Wicca. In fact, many of these types don’t charge for Wicca classes but these people will encourage others to purchase the knowledge in books. To me, this is contradictory. Why is it ok to sell your knowledge in books but not in well organized, cost incurring classes?

For many who don’t fall for television imposed ethics and understand that the whole thing about witchcraft is indeed for personal gain through manifesting our desires, we are not guilt-ridden when we gain in some way from our craft. We understand it is our right as a witch to gain from our own efforts and magick. It is an expectation to benefit from our craft.

Although the “No personal gain” idea worked well in the story lines of a very entertaining television show, it really doesn’t equate to real life. There is a lot of untrue, fake, fiction, out there in the media. I have seen many different fake videos that were being passed as real. I even saw today the conjuring of one woman’s own imagined fear on social media because of the whole hysteria in social media about this group of people or that group.  She feared these two men were plotting to kidnap her child because of their race or national origin. As I read her story, I was appalled by the purely imagined fear that is inspired by social media. She even called the police who determined there was no kidnapping issue at hand.

My deepest advice when it comes to what other people tell you of what is right or wrong is to take it with a grain of salt and use your best judgment. Not all witches are bad and not all are good. What works for one does not work for all. My truth may not be your truth and your truth may not be the truth of another. Don’t take people at face value. Don’t believe everything you hear and again take what people tell you with a grain of salt no matter how convicted they seem to be. Reach out and listen to perspectives from many different angles and paths. Find yourself, your own belief, and decide for yourself what works for you.

By all means, live, learn, grow, improve your life through Witchcraft. Gain personally from your practice, that is where your power is found in manifesting your desire. The full moon is a great time to work your gainful magick to manifest your desires. Don’t hold back! Be intentional. You are a Witch and Witches have power. Grow, obtain, manifest.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song