I believe therefore I am. 


In Magick class when discussing what magick is and how it works along with spell casting we hear many “buzz” words then quite often are left to struggle with defining what they mean to us as individuals and trial and error trying to figure out how it applies to Witchcraft at all.

One major word that contains more power than we as mere humans realize is the word Belief. There is a lot of power in belief. We are Human and therefore we adopt beliefs, we accept beliefs, we are tricked into believing and we have a belief in something for every part of our life and that is how our decisions are made and what influences how we perceive the world around us.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe and just because you believe it doesn’t make it true.

I have a lot of beliefs. My beliefs have changed over my lifetime so many ways that I have come to learn that I am a skeptic with an open mind to possibilities. Every day, everything I think, feel and do is based on what I believe because what I believe influences my own perception of reality.

People and corporate entities such as the government use oppressive beliefs to manipulate you and control you so that they can manifest their desires at your expense. They do this because it gives them power. Manipulation is a human trait. We all do it. Yes, you do, and so do I. How and why we manipulate others can be within a socially acceptable parameter or for purely selfish reasons without regard for how it will affect others in a negative way.

Let’s look at how belief can have the power to oppress millions of people for the agenda of keeping the population under the government’s control. 

If I believe that all the poverty and bad things the government is doing to me is because I am the wrong color of human or the wrong gender or even the wrong age or religion then I am giving power to my oppressor which is not White men, minorities, the barely making it middle class. I am constantly fighting for survival. I am constantly fighting judgment based on my skin color, my gender, my age, my religion, and other irrelevant things about me that if I were to allow myself to believe that, I will be not only allowing myself to be oppressed but I am giving my oppressor power to oppress me through my own belief.

With people of all types believing that they are being singled out to be betrayed and oppressed, Minorities (an oppressive term intended to keep Non-whites segregated and oppressed) believing they are being singled out simply because of race, to believe that whites are singled out and targeted solely because they are the wrong shade of color, to believe that migrants are singled out because they are migrants gives power to our government to control us.

Our minds can be tricked into believing in anything if we don’t think critically. Followers of a sociopathic cult leader will swear that they witnessed this sociopath fly, float, or levitate or some other ridiculous thing. These followers truly believe in the cult leader. That belief gives the cult leader power.

Belief in self-destructive ideas such as All White People are racist and if you ain’t white you can’t be racist. All Black people are criminals, All Mexicans are thieves, Native Americans are oppressed because their pure Indian blood makes them superior. These are just to name an obvious few to express how the power of belief can be destructive in how it affects us in our everyday life.

To believe that when I walk into a store full of people who are not my race, with the belief that everyone is looking at me and thinking bad thoughts like, because of my race which is something I will never be able to change, and that person is thinking these bad things about me because the media says these things about the group I have been placed in and the labels I have been given. Even if I know those things are not true about me, my belief that all those other people hate me because of my skin color is oppressive to me. To believe that as I am driving down the street I am going to be harrassed by cops or citizens because the color of my skin regardless if by cops, by people, by everyone is a self-oppressive idea, thought, and belief. Maybe I had experiences that back up those thoughts and ideas I was given by society through social media.

My application was refused because of my race and the prospective employer was quite forward about it. I couldn’t do anything about it because of my race, because of my race it has been determined that I have no rights. I have no right to complain about the discrimination or fight for my basic human rights to have a job that I could do very well and I was blatantly told that the only reason I was not going to get hired was because of my race.

If I believe that I am being singled out because of my race and I believe that all the other races have it made because they have more privileges than I do, that belief will oppress me from becoming my full potential or coming into my personal power over my own life because I believe that somehow I am “less” or below the value of others. believing I am being singled out because of something that I can’t control or change like the color of my skin makes me feel alone and powerless. It will destroy my dreams, and take away any motivation I have to manifest my desires and be successful in every part of my life. It will negatively affect my own personal power. With Belief comes the power of Choice.

That is one way that belief has power. So, what are some ways that belief can give us power? 

Changing the scenario, Yes, racism, discrimination, hate, bigotry and all that does exist. I don’t only believe it, I know it is true. But, I also know that my race isn’t the only one being targeted. I believe in my heart it is perpetuated by government influenced media of all sources for the purpose of keeping us divided and easily controlled. I also believe that although I am targeted with a different type of oppressive methods like being called a racist and being hated for being white. I know it is because I am being used as a tool to oppress non-white people with the belief that all white people hate them because of their race. Doesn’t matter that is isn’t true. That belief oppresses me and other whites along with others of non-white descent. Because that belief is oppressive to all groups.  “They” (we don’t really know who “They” are just that Donald Trump is just another tool to promote that oppressive belief) use those ideas and beliefs to keep us separated as a population because it is obvious those in control know that  “United we Stand and Divided we Fall“. As long as they keep Muslims in fear and feeling hated and discriminated by all Americans, as long as they keep black people, white people, and every shade in-between feeling targeted with hate and discrimination it will perpetuate hate and discrimination through the power of belief in those negative ideas and thoughts allowing us to be manipulated and controlled by our own beliefs. Beliefs that are only seasoned with a touch of truth.

Changing those beliefs or mindset to a more accurate and truthful belief that those beliefs are created solely for the purpose of oppressing the general population in order to keep the general population from paying attention and coming together to uprise and overthrow the established corrupt government. It is a belief to take your power. Change it to a belief that gives you back your power.

Because I believe in Witchcraft. Because I believe in Magick Because I believe that the general population is being manipulated by those in power to encourage hate, to divert our attention away from our true enemy, I can work at bringing myself out of that self-oppressed way of thinking. Changing my belief to the truth that it has nothing to do with race, religion, gender and so on gives me back my belief in myself as a human being and encourages me to look at the whole situation with an open minded point of view simply by believing in myself and not believing the propaganda put out there intended to keep me under control.

I also don’t believe that it is ok to discriminate against any group of people including the rich white men and all the rich “minorities” and powerful women who embody our government. I believe everyone should be held accountable for what they do and who they have become. I believe in accountability as individuals. I also believe in equality. I also believe in good leadership, Wise leaders who represent all the people in the interest of the whole, not just what’s good for the one group.

I believe that no matter what “they” do to me, No matter how much “they” destroy the world around me, I strongly believe I have personal power and control over my own thoughts, beliefs, actions, and who the heck I choose to be, I will never be controlled. I do not accept those oppressive labels that steal my power and the power of my fellow human beings. I may be subdued by force but never controlled by anyone but me. I control what I believe and think and so can you.

Believing I am equal to the rest of the world, believing that I deserve a good life too, believing that social issues reflect the weakness of the human species to lack belief in themselves that they don’t trust their own thoughts, their own feelings, and their own beliefs. Stop believing what you are told and take back your power of belief in what matters in life. What matters in life isn’t what others believe or think. What matters in life is what you believe and think because it makes you who and what you are right now. Do you believe the labels that media has placed on you?

Belief in yourself, what you think, what you feel, believe in your own power and take what people say as something to consider with a grain of salt. Chances are the people who surround you don’t hate you because you are different in some way. Chances are that you will encounter hate and discrimination because people believe what they are told. The perception of others is merely perception and the beliefs of others are beliefs but it doesn’t make it the absolute truth because it is merely a belief in a perception based on limited information.

There was a time in human history when the general population of the world believed the earth was flat and if you sailed too far away from land you would fall off the earth or get eaten by dragons. Everyone believed it but it didn’t make it true. Still, the belief that the earth was flat created unfounded fear of falling off the earth which prevented early exploration of the world and kept the people ignorant and under control. The earth is not flat and we will not get eaten by dragons and since that belief has changed we can now travel all over this beautiful globe we call earth.  Changing our common beliefs and perceptions to include all the facts can greatly expand our capabilities and personal power. Be open to the possibility that what you believe is wrong, a lie, bullcrap to manipulate you.

The same with rumors and gossip. Although there may be elements of truth or facts they are often twisted and manipulated into a lie. It doesn’t matter how many people believe it and go around spouting it as fact. Belief doesn’t make it true but the belief in it gives it power and the person who started the rumor or gossip is granted power over the victim through the belief of the tools being used who are our peers. Are you their tool? Belief can be used to oppress us and control us or it can be used to make us stronger and allow us to control ourselves and our environment. It truly depends on what you believe about yourself, the world, your neighbors, and reality as a whole.

If you are seeking to find your personal power through witchcraft, those self-destructive beliefs need to be changed. How we perceive the world, how we think, believe, and feel changes what we do and being a powerful witch requires these self-oppressive beliefs to be changed before our own power can be restored and accessed.

Belief holds an immense amount of power. What do you believe? Because what you believe about the world around you will affect the power of your craft which comes from your own personal power affected by your everyday mundane beliefs. Don’t give up your power through self-oppressive beliefs.

“I believe therefore I am.” 

Another word to examine is the power of Choice.

What do you choose to believe and how does your choice of beliefs affect your reality?

Be Blessed and believe in yourself because I believe you are a powerful individual.

Summer Song