Hello from under the covers in quarantine. Witch Digest has been running on a skeleton crew until they got the plague too. That practically shut us down. But do not fear. We have a super Witch who is working in the background to keep witch digest going until we can all crawl out of bed and back to Witch Digest.

Malric is our jack of all trades. He writes, he programs, he knows digital marketing, He is a Third Degree Wiccan. He is going to start helping to write articles as well as various duties. If you have technical questions, he has instructed me to forward all tech questions to him. He is our best technical expert on staff.

We get requests often to teach Witchcraft. We have been working on a membership program that can be provided for an extremely low monthly fee to help pay for the extremely expensive software and security services required to make this membership worth the time spent in creating it. The fee is with the same concept as a materials cost.

The membership will start out small as it is in its infancy and as time goes by, it will grow and expand as new content gets added to the membership site. It will come with a fully functional forum and live chat and a way to leave a message with an AI message taker. We are adding messaging to make it easy for students to private message each other.  There will be many awesome new groups and lessons and classes to learn from as well as a place for a full community to grow while you learn.

We have postponed the launch of the site until we are with the full staff to provide you with good service. So, After the flu is gone we will regroup and get back on task. We are planning to launch the membership site For 2018.

Mal is working on the App Calendar and updates for 2018. We are looking forward to the new year and all the new beginnings it has in store for us.

WitchDigest Articles may be silent until after Yule due to the flu.



Get your flu shot. The flu is horrible in every horrible way. Just like one of those epidemic shows.  I know, because I have it.  😛

I apologize for this delay.  Witch Digest will be back in full swing by the end of the year.

Have a very merry Holiday season. Stay warm, stay well. See you in 2018.


I have lots of article ideas in the works for next year. There will be many changes expected to take place throughout 2018.

Be well,

Happy Holidays