I was browsing around through articles and posts I see on social media and I ran across an image of the fool. The post was about reading Tarot with the fool in the spread and how to read this particular spread. It was a good article but that isn’t what got my attention.

Throughout this latter part of my life, when I have a question that I desperately need answering, something will come up as an answer. There are many different depictions of the fool and this one was very close to Rider-Waite with a few exceptions. I thought how interesting that I saw this particular depiction of the fool to be the most prominent in my mind.

As I looked at this image of the fool, I realized that sometimes the fool is just a lucky bugger. He was clearly walking off the edge of a cliff seemingly without a worry about the long drop he is about walk into. This image spoke to me about risk. Usually, for me, the fool is a warning to look before you leap or to proceed with caution but this time it was the opposite. It was about taking that leap of faith. This came to mind as I saw in my mind’s eye an invisible bridge forming under the feet of the fool.

Another keyword that came to me was to trust. Trust in myself, in my situation, and most of all trust that things will work out although the risk is huge. I feel sort of like the fool in the sense that I am sort of haphazardly embarking on a journey without all the components being obvious. I have to trust my partner in this madness with such a high risk. There is so much at stake yet, the message I receive from the fool is not about caution but to have faith and truth.

As a Witch, I don’t believe in blind faith and so this message is very difficult for me. It is like letting go of control and without all the information available for a fact that it will work and all will be good, I will simply have to trust that it will work out just the way it is supposed to. I have to have faith in the unknown. Faith that the forces that guide me, my gut instincts and intuition is right and I need to trust that my partner’s intuition and knowledge is just as trustworthy.

So, how does this help others? I believe that the message that I am really getting from this is that nothing is as it seems and sometimes things are meant to happen. It is all about trusting in our own journey and trust that no matter what happens, everything will be okay.

Sometimes what we think we see is misleading. I am traveling into the unknown and that is way out of my comfort zone. I am sort of taking a blind leap of faith in this endeavor and in life sometimes we must proceed with caution and sometimes it requires a blind leap of faith and trust in our own intuition.

Bottom line is this, we don’t always know what is ahead of us, we just have to take a deep breath, march ahead and put one foot in front of the other and move forward. The fool may not be the message you need to hear at the moment and that is okay. Your message could be something else. Whatever the message you need to receive is there for you, you may not see it or you may not recognize it but when you have faith that it is there you just have to look for it and trust that you will recognize it if you open your mind to receive it.

Closed minds live in the darkness, blind and without trust as our closed mind sits in the darkness because it refuses to take that chance that they may be played a fool or make a mistake and therefore keeping us from that place of enlightenment. Yes, we need to take some caution as we move through the darkness but we also need to trust and have faith that although we can’t see the path doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

In any case, this can be very tricky as the fool, the joker, the trickster, and the hidden path are rarely as they seem.

Much luck to you on your path,

Summer Song