cleansing with elementsWhen Holidays such as Yule and Birthdays offer gifts, many witches are given thoughtful gifts that can be used for their particular practice. Being of a Wiccan background, I was taught to cleanse and consecrate all my items that I plan to use in magick. Since I consider the Witches I learned from to be Traditional with a Wiccan Flavor I would say if you are Wiccan or Traditional,  cleansing an item is a good idea for items that will be used for magick.

Why should an item be cleansed if it is new? Here is my opinion. I believe that as items are manufactured either through mass production or through the individual hard sweat of a handcrafted item, it will be handled and touched throughout the process. As it sits in a store and waits to be purchased, consumers stop to look at the item and often touch it. I touch everything I am going to purchase. Even if you buy it online there are many different hands or even if only one, the object has absorbed the energy of those who have handled it. I believe that no matter how good or bad people are they leave traces of themselves everywhere they go on everything they touch.

I personally would like an object I am going to use for magick to only carry the vibrations and energy of me, the natural energy of the object such as the natural energy of a crystal and my intent through the creation of a magickal item. It can be a tool or it can be something I plan to use as a talisman or amulet. I will want to cleanse away all energy, good and bad, to start fresh and make sure nothing will hinder or interfere with my purpose.

Even if you are not Wiccan, I don’t see how a cleansing process could hurt.  Everyone who cleanses an object has their own way of doing so but I will give you a general idea of how it can be done.

One way to cleanse an item is to bury it in some earth so the energy can be absorbed and transmuted by the earth. Sometimes that will damage the item and is not wise. Some will sit the item where it can be touched by the moonlight for a complete cycle. Usually full moon to full moon or new moon to new moon where it can be cleansed of energies and charged with the energy of the moon and the same with the sun. Sometimes that is not possible and something more immediate is needed. I will do a full-blown ritual. cast a circle of protection and use the four elements to cleanse an item. I use salt and water for the elements of earth and water and burning, smoking incense for air and sometimes air and fire depending on the item. Fire can destroy an item so care must be taken when cleansing with it. Salt water can rust metal and so on. Think as you plan because the elements are a force that can destroy.

I have my four elements and of course spirit for the fifth element. As I pass the object over, the element such as water.  I many sprinkle or touch a drop of water onto the item and focus on the energy of the universe coming from all around me and passing through the object. I visualized it washing away all outside energy so the only energy left on this object belongs to the item itself and that of myself.

I make my way through all of the elements. I try to work with healing, protection, clarity or other positive energies since negativity is naturally absorbed and experienced. After the process is complete I personally will then take the opportunity to either charge it with the magick intended or I will consecrate it or dedicate it to my deity or specifically for my practice.

This can be done with something you have had for some time as well. A stone or necklace you carry or wear, a ring you never take off also absorbs energies. Not just yours but energies that surround you. When an object you use always needs to be cleansed and repurpose or recharged with the right intention a cleansing will be useful as well.

I cleanse my runes after I finish with them for the day or before use if I am reading for someone other than myself. Of course, I wouldn’t swipe my tarot cards through the flame of a candle or dunk them in water but I do have my own ritual to cleanse that item without damage.

So you were given a new wire wrapped crystal necklace that you want to use to enhance your psychic ability or for protection. Now is the time to cleanse it and prepare it for your personal magick. Because magick is a personal thing, how you do it is up to you as long as it works for you. The most important key is the element of spirit.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song



P.S. If you would like to share some of the ways you cleanse your items, or why you don’t, please tell us in the comments below.