Using Magick to Find a LoveLately, I have been hearing a lot about broken hearts, desires to be in a relationship or those working out a failing relationship. My disclaimer is that I do not hold any degree in Psychology or Behavioral health of any kind. I do however have a lot of experience with looking for love in all the wrong places, using magick to find a love and I have certainly defined relationships and love all from the wrong perspective in my lifetime. Through my experience, I have learned a great deal but not everything about relationships (after many unhealthy ones) and I finally got it right. Yes, I finally used magick to bring the right person to me and yes for the first time when it comes to love, it actually worked as I imagined it would. For the first time in my life, I feel loved by someone and it all started with me.

I want to go over a few things that one should consider before actually turning to magick. Magick isn’t a quick fix solution to problems and it doesn’t always turn out the way you imagine it. One thing I have learned is that if what you desire is in accordance or agreement with you and the universe, you are likely to get what you ask for, just like you wanted it. Be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it. Lastly, never try to impose your will on another person or control their will. It will always turn into something horrible. You can not MAKE someone truly love you, I have seen that it usually turns into an obsession or some other backfire. That is not what people usually want as they impose their will on someone else, but that is something that happens.

With that said, let’s look at some of the reasons people try magick to find a love. Some have been burned a few times or hurt in some way. Maybe even a recent event such as a recent breakup or divorce. Sometimes they have been single for a while and are simply lonely because they can’t seem to find a suitable person they want to love. Some people jump from relationship to relationship while some take breaks in between relationships or some combination of the two. I’ve done both.

We have to look at why we all go through the stuff we go through. The good things and the bad. The happy times and the sad. I believe we learn from every experience and if we fail to learn the lesson intended, we are doomed to repeat the lesson until we finally learn that particular lesson before we move on to the next type of experience. I was told once, that nothing lasts forever and we should always be grateful for the time we have with any given person and live in the present with them. Enjoy them while they are there. What wise advice and how easy it is to lose sight of such a simple idea.

So, when should one even consider using magick to find a love? It depends, What are you really wanting? Do you really want to just be in love or be loved by anyone who will love you back? Have you taken the time to evaluate why your past relationships have failed? Why have you  spent so much time alone? Have you truly learned all the lessons you need to learn to become the person you can be before you get what you want? When you can honestly and clearly answer all these questions and any more you can think of, then,  you might be ready to use magick to find the person who will share your love and desires. Maybe you need to focus on personal growth, self-worth, self-love, self-efficacy. Maybe you just need to heal from old wounds and learn to give completely to the right type of person. Maybe you need to change how you select the person or what kind of person you choose.

What do you need to change about yourself to become the person you want to be.  I don’t believe you can change your nature. Are you the kind of person who will fulfill the needs and desires of the type of person you want to attract. If you want a kind, loyal, giving, caring person. Are you kind, loyal, giving, and caring? Are you emotionally available to give the love you desire? Be certain that what your conscious mind wants is the same as what your subconscious mind and heart truly believes and desires.Is there a conflict within you?  Are you ready to commit to your soul mate or do you just want to be in a relationship so you are not alone? Are you already complete and desire a complete person to share your life with or do you desire someone who will complete the parts of you that are missing? Is it to fill an empty void in your heart?

Keep in mind that if what you seek or desire is not in agreement with the universe, it is not going to manifest the way you imagine it. Surface and under the surface, is there any conflict within you? Love is abstract, not concrete. It is felt by you through your own perspective. Do you feel worthy of the kind of person or love that you seek?

If you can honestly and clearly answer all of these questions and you feel you are ready to use magick to find a love and you are aware of how magick works, then, do your spell. Work your magick.

My experience has been painful, to say the least. I had issues from childhood, never felt loved, never felt worthy of love. In fact, I believed for a long time that my only purpose on this earth was to be abused by others. I was betrayed, abused, lied to, used, manipulated then kicked to the curb by almost all of my relationships in life. The one factor that all of these experiences had in common was me. What was my part in it all? For me, I didn’t see my value, my self-worth. I allowed people to abuse me. I even looked for people who would abuse me. No, not on purpose or consciously.

Because of faulty beliefs about myself and the world around me, because of my perception, I wished for the wrong things. When I realized that there was a problem and it was with me and that I needed to fix me before I could have the kind of relationship I desired, I took a few years and worked on those issues. Even after I found my love, I continued to work on those issues and because he is the right kind of person, he encourages my growth and I continue to heal.

It has come to pass that I discovered my value, my self worth and I stopped allowing people to abuse me, take advantage of me, manipulate me and I stopped trusting everyone who came along and only trusted those who have earned it. I love many and I love deeply but I also recognized finally that the love I feel is mine and mine alone. I am the only one who feels it. There is no obligation for those I love to love me back. Not my parents, not my siblings, not my children, not anyone. The love others feel for me is theirs and theirs alone. It is awesome when the people you love feel the same way about you and it hurts when they don’t. That hurt is a feeling all of your own as well. Of course, if the feelings aren’t mutual there isn’t much room for a relationship of any kind. knowing when to walk away and let go is a great beginning step.

knowing what you truly want and being ready for that unknown person is a big part of the success of “finding a love” spell. I know that the person I am in a relationship with now would not have worked out even a year prior to meeting him. I would not have seen his value because I did not see my own. When I did my “find a love” spell, I then took action. I put myself out there in the open. Yes, some crappy prospects that didn’t fill the bill answered the call and I had to tell them to go away. I had to remain open and single and ready for the one. My soul mate, my true love. The person I am meant to be with at this particular time in my life. The one who meets all of the criteria I spelled out with honest clarity. That’s how I knew he was the one.

I don’t know how long he will be in my life. Anything could happen, but one thing I do know, is he is the one I am meant to be with right now. I am enjoying having him in my life. This relationship is happier and healthier and mutual, more so than I ever experienced before. I keep it realistic in the fact that I know that we are human, we have good days and bad days and that we will have disagreements. I also know we will work through our bad days together with love and respect. I also know for the first time in my life that the feelings I have for him and the loyalty I have is equally given in return. I know for the first time, he is someone I can and should trust with my feelings. I also know I am vulnerable to be hurt once again and I gladly take the risk.

It is possible for you to find what you are looking for but do you know what it really is that you seek? Do you know what it is that you truly need at this moment?

The magick of finding a love begins within you. Seek true love within yourself before looking toward the universe.