Author: Summer Song

Why Feed The Monster?

I believe that giving attention to things breaths life into them. The more Attention a person, group or idea is given the stronger it becomes. Something to think about when giving attention to things you are against vs. things you are for. What are you giving your energy too? and is it something you want to lend your power to?

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Life Lessons

I am a spiritual warrior and my battle is with self. I acknowledge my struggle is for my higher good. I choose to acknowledge my life lessons for what they are, a chance to grow….

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A Mile in a Witch’s Shoes

As I think of all the cool lessons throughout my life, I remember one most important lesson. My mother used to tell me, don’t judge someone without walking a mile in their shoes. We don’t know what someone is going through or what their experience is. We don’t know why they have made the choices that they have made. We are all very different people and we¬†make assumptions that someone else is having the same experience in life as we do. We don’t see all the events taking place in someone’s life. We don’t have all the information and...

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Ruled by the Elements

In many aspects of the craft, we see correlations or correspondences between the elements and everything in this physical realm. In my practice, the elements are a huge part of everything; magick, people, Stones, crystals, candles, incense, and even food. People have been the focus of my work lately through projects that I am working on and while learning the Tarot not to mention Astrology. One of my biggest things that I love in this world is people. The way we all experience this physical existence can be influenced by the attributes of the elements. So, when I think...

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The Hanged Man in Society

When The Hanged Man shows up…a different perspective is a key to enlightenment about…The Hanged Man is trying to tell us that we need to change our perspective to…Change our Perspectives and awaken to the enlightenment through…

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