Author: Summer Song

Spell Casting

Many people who are just coming to witchcraft often come because they are in need of a spell or have an interest in casting spells and using magick. Spells are a huge part of witchcraft in my humble opinion. In fact, I would say that for me at least, it is just as big of a part in witchcraft as Prayer is in many mainstream religions. That is why I think it is often associated with prayer. One of the mysteries of magick is that on the outside it looks like all a spell consists of is lighting a candle...

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Be Careful What You Wish For

All my life I have been told to be careful what I wish for. The Test of the three wishes granted by a genie has played out through all sorts of media. There have been movies, television series, and sitcoms that brush over their version of what can go wrong when you use wish magick. When I was young it was a lot of fun to imagine what we would wish for and have a friend destroy the dream with all the things that could go wrong with the wishes. As we play out the scenarios of wishes we...

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The Magic Onion Ring

It is more than just placing the onion in the room or around the property. It is also about magick. Manipulating that energy to manifest a desire for protection and healing.

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