Over the years, I would sift through book after book seeking a story that was written with an influence of the Occult perspective. I enjoy reading and I read pretty much anything. I do have my favorites that I like to read. I read as often as I can. I am one of those visual learner types.

Because I know so many authors these days, I have decided to try doing reviews of books, starting with authors I know. Today, I want to review a book written by my friend, Jeannette Martin. She is a multi-talented artist. She takes amazing photos that are not the typical studio portraits but she has a talent for bringing out the beauty in all of her models.

From co-workers to friends, babies, and even the fur babies, her photos are a beautiful and artistic capture of the moment. She paints pictures and writes stories. Her cover photo is her own work just to give an idea of her well-rounded talents. The best part of her stories is that they are from a pagan perspective. They are entertaining as well as relatable.

When I read Blood Royal, I looked it over and was thinking to myself, Sigh, Vampires, I hope they don’t explode or sparkle.

I began reading and I absolutely enjoyed the story. The character development was smooth and consistent. It covered a range of relationships as in how we connect and trust family and friends. There were some twists in the story that made me feel like AHAH! I knew it! That Character was a douche after all. Hehehe. I found myself absolutely loving some characters as well as developing suspicions of other characters. Some twists were a total shock.

The story covers a little of the blood thirst a vampire may experience as well as some psychic gifts such as telepathy and telekinesis. It is a story of the development of a vampire, a Royal family with a whole kingdom of vampires to rule and other creatures that may be a surprise.  There are elements of Betrayal and Romance that spark an emotional reaction between you and the characters.

Her first novel in her Royal Vampires Series is entitled Blood Royal. It is a display of her broad view of people and the ability to create characters from different cultural backgrounds. It leaves you wanting to continue the story in the second book of the series. Great book.

In my opinion, Jeannette is a creative writer who is quickly developing her talent for fiction writing. She is able to tell a fluid and captivating story that will appeal to many readers who like the mysteries of the occult, fascinated with Science Fiction as well as those who enjoy a new perspective on Vampires being the good guys.

Here is a comment from Jeannette Martin when I asked her about being an author.

“At times, I am surprised I have written a book. It took a dream that I would have growing up. It is not the actual dream, but the dream didn’t tell me if there were vampires just mythical creatures. It took many different versions of this book to get it to where it is today. I started this book before I knew about other new vampire inspired books. I wanted this book to be about all mythical creatures it is just the Royal bloodline of each species is known. After a few years writing this book I found my spiritual path that I am an Eclectic Pagan Witch. I have always been fascinated with witchcraft pretty much all my life. This is what influenced the abilities each mythical species is mentioned in the book.”

Here is a brief synopsis of the main character’s story. This is a character that is easy to fall in love with. She is young, smart, strong, and compassionate. Meet Kathryn.

blood-royal-jeannette“I have been sheltered my whole life. Not just because I am a monster, really. I am like any teenager; I have crushes, growing pains, and hunger pains. My family are strange and sometimes mysterious. I don’t know much about my family. Just the occasional sit in where I stare at my parents and watch my mom pretend she is happy to see me, plus dad is sometimes nonexistent. I try to listen in on their minds but I can never read them. I can only read some people then. I hear the other people call me monster and how dangerous I am. I guess the only one I have seen give me so much love is Alize, my nanny. She never lets me read her always humming. When she tells me her stories of her country and home she lets me see. She is from another country but she only remembers Germany and Italy. She is Latin descent she may be Spaniard like my mother. Alize has a son he is something to look at. I try to keep it to myself because I have an evil cousin who always tries to ruin my day. Any ways, I am Royalty, is all I know and that I have a rare condition that makes me need to have blood. They say it is a blood transfusion but they always put me to sleep. When I wake up I am in my bed.

Well my 18th birthday is coming up and I am finally able to do more than just abilities training. I will be able to leave the house when I want and live my life. What bad could happen? I am finally free.”

Download your free copy of Blood Royal from the link listed below. You can enjoy her story anytime  anywhere because it is a free digital download from a reputable source.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the Gothic tales of Vampires in a modern format in the young adult Genre.

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This is an honest review. She is working on developing and publishing her second book entitled Royal Fight.


As with anything I believe in, I absolutely encourage reading. Read everything from informative to entertainment. It strengthens the mind and broadens your experiences. Adventures are waiting for you.


In Love and Light,

Summer Song