As the season moves forward, this moon phase begins to darken as the new moon approaches and the year is coming to a close, it is that time once again to finish this cycle of growth. I know what I want to do to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the ritual I want to do as my life transitions from this year to the next. What I didn’t really know what to do to honor this past year as I begin this next phase of growth and healing in my life.

It has been a long road these past few years for me and I needed a fresh idea that would be appropriate for this waning phase. The idea of giving thanks for all the lessons I’ve learned from the hardships, past trauma, bad relationships and even the good moments in my life was suggested by a friend. Well, a student of a friend. Being thankful for all the good that has come from all of that and why it has been so important to have had the experiences. Yes, the bad as well as the good. The New Moon is the perfect time to welcome all the prosperous things to come after letting go of what no longer serves me.

What a great idea. In the U.S.A. We have a holiday called Thanksgiving. It is a time that has come to be recognized as a day to give thanks for the year. It is the Harvest Meal where family and friends come together. Here the Sun is waning in the final season before the Winter Solstice, the moon is also waning and it is also a time of gratitude. What a perfect idea to let go of the pain of the past, to be thankful for all the good that has come from it. In that moment of the Dark moon moving into the New moon it is the perfect moment to do just that.

Goodbye past, welcome possibilities of the future. I am going to enjoy this year’s holiday season for a change. I hope it all goes well and will be a holiday worth remembering. I will be reaching for the stars this year. I realized, I don’t set my goals too high. The stars are within my reach, I just have to make the effort.

There are so many things I am thankful for. So much good that has come from it. It is time to list all of the good things in me that would not exist if I hadn’t experienced all the difficulties of the past. Writing them all down will help me to see exactly what I have gained from the pain and sorrow of the past traumas, lost loves, unrequited love, and grief.

During this waning moon phase, write down what your pain was, followed by what you have gained from the experience. When you can appreciate it and see the light that came from such darkness, you will know you have come a long way.

In Gratitude and Love,

Summer Song