Witch's viewFor a while this year, I got caught up in the manipulation of the masses regarding human social issues. I was so angry and frustrated and participating, which meant, I was perpetuating. I was asked, “are these actually your issues”?

“Do you personally judge others and treat them good or bad because of  their race, religion, sexual orientation, language, culture, gender or gender identity or any other social issues?  Do you hold these ideals or beliefs that make you so angry? Do you deny that these social issues exist among the human population?”

I had to stop and think for a while. A bit of reflection, introspection, and self-evaluation. Remember, I believe in questioning everything… Asking the right questions is the key.

My answer to these questions was, “well, no”.

Then, I was asked again. “Are these your issues?”

I realized my answer. No, these are issues created, practiced, applied, believed in and perpetuated by others and are fueled by the media which is controlled for the purpose of the “Political Hidden Agenda” (to guide your vote, beliefs and opinions).

So, I stepped back a minute and took a good look at the world around me.

I suddenly saw the world from a different perspective. My perception has changed.earth

I realized, that our human social issues in our world around us are completely manufactured and sustained in the individual minds of humans who have yet to awaken and broaden their perspective/view of the world that has been created for us. A global perception that was molded and developed through a lifetime of conditioning.

They are shrouded by the veil between the deceptive collective reality and the reality of the “spirit”. Their view is so narrow and limited that they can’t see the whole of it.

They hold on to these issues with all their will and might as if they were born with it. They hold on to them so tight as if they themselves would somehow be lost if they “let go” of these beliefs, perspectives, and the feelings associated with these issues. Then, I let go…


I sit here, looking at the world around me and although, not all that I experience is pleasurable, I find that I am grateful for the experience… because I have learned….

In Love and Light,

Summer Song