Many people are so tired of the self-righteous and pious and ever annoying environmental activists.  all those zealots who make a bunch of self-imposed moral rules that they try to force on others and those who try to tell us as individuals that we have to do certain things because it is right for them regardless what is right for us.

What is the Environment anyway? It is all that exists around us and that is why it affects us. It is where we live and therefore what we consume.

What we need to consider is which part of what they are preaching is right for us and which part is their own ego.

Another issue to consider is why are we so resistant to the ideas of what they are forcing on us.  Save the planet? Really? Is it the planet they want to save? Or is it Us that needs to be saved. How is saving the planet going to save us?

If you are not the follower type and you are like me, someone who prefers to make personal choices by personal means. Then, it is natural to resist the pressure of others.

As a teen and even as a mature adult, the more peer pressure that is applied to me, the more resistant I am to be like them.

In this post, I want to propose an idea as to how the environment affects our health and us as a Witch.

As experienced witches already know, there is more to witchcraft than spells, charms, curses and hexes. There is the balance of healing, love, compassion and true personal power as well.

There are many forms of healing in Witchcraft. There are the three basic parts of our existence. Mind, body, and spirit. That means Emotional and mental health, our biological and physical well-being, and our spiritual well-being.

With the mind, we often use a combined form of psychology and philosophy. We use these to build our self-confidence, our self-efficacy, and yes, our magick.

The next is our biological or physical health. We use food, exercise, energy, and yes even herbs to help promote our overall health and wellness which also affects our magick and personal power.

Of course, our spiritual health doesn’t really mean religion. It is that part of us that connects us to the web of life. That part of us that connects us to this physical plane of existence and to that aether place of existence. It is that between place where we find our source.

How do the environmental issues affect us and why should we care?

Well, because all three of those parts of us affects the other. When one part of us is unhealthy it creates issues in the other parts of us. It is clearly easier to focus on our physical health first.

That means we need to eat healthy foods and try to keep our bodies in motion. That doesn’t mean you have to be a body builder or body sculptor to be healthy. You don’t have to be a meat eater or a vegetarian.

It is important that what you consume should provide your body with much-needed nutrients with as little toxins as possible. knowing what your body needs is the key to sustaining a healthy life.

How does the environment play a part in that? The water we drink and give to our plants that we consume and our animals we care for are often polluted and therefore causes health issues for us as well.

Let’s look at what we eat that uses the polluted water. Plants and animals both drink that water that is absorbed into them and becomes part of them.

We also drink the water, bottled or tap. Not just pesticides but also lead,  aluminum, copper, arsenic, and even fluoride becomes part of the plants that many animals, as well as us, eat every day.

The water contaminates the soil which contaminates the plants that animals eat and that we eat and therefore contaminate us and cause health issues. We drink the polluted water that concentrates the pollutants we already consume from the air we breathe and the food we eat every day.

Researchers are claiming that aluminum and other toxins are causing an increase in diseases affecting the health of the brain such as dementia and other issues involving brain disease. Plants that are full of pesticides and other pollutants not only damage our ecosystem but in damaging our ecosystem it changes how life on this planet survives.

The air we breath is also important. Considering that the gas on this planet need to be quite specific for our bodies to function that pollution can disrupt our consumption of the necessary balance of gas that our body requires. Without the proper mixture of the invisible gas and with added pollutants, we will develop health issues.

There are many people who fight for our environment because they know that the more polluted the air, water, soil, plants, and animals are, the more likely we will become sick. The more we need to be treated the more we will need to focus on health. It is an endless cycle that will create a downward spiral for life as we know it. Downward as in worse and not better.

I wanted to start a medicinal herb garden so that I could treat many of my common issues naturally instead of with synthetic pharmaceuticals. I looked into what the plants required to be healthy and it eventually led me to the local water contamination which in turn contaminates the soil which in turn contaminates the plants that I planned to use as medicine.

The pesticides kill pests but it also kills insects we need like bees and other good insects that keep the balance in our ecosystem that provides our environment with a healthy place to sustain the health of all life. It doesn’t mean we can’t live in a city and still be healthy. It just means we have to be more conscious about how our environment affects us as humans and as witches and how we affect our environment.

Environmental issues are not to fulfill a status quo or gain personal recognition. It is for our own benefit to fight for that which preserves our ecological balance in our environment for our own survival.

When we hear about balance, it is not only referring to an even flow of emotion but a balance between mind, body, and spirit. That balance is very difficult to maintain under the best circumstances and therefore it is extremely important to understand how our environment and everything in it is connected to Us.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song