From my perspective as a solitary Witch who has been fairly close to being a recluse sitting alone day after day not really talking about the stuff that is important with other living beings face to face. I watch the world happen around me. I watched the elections happen knowing I had no real choice in the matter. I see so much injustice taking place in the world. I see people fighting to save the water and other living resources that keep us alive. There are so many causes that need our money as our financial resources dwindle because of the endless cycle of decay in society.

I often wonder, is this all there is? The world in Chaos and suffering? Fighting not only to survive but to sacrifice one’s self repeatedly while others either use a just cause to make a buck if they aren’t really fighting or suffer and become a self-imposed martyr for a cause that really isn’t the root of the problem. Is it a lost cause to fight for something that the world doesn’t really want to change?

There is more to life than fighting for causes such as world peace, saving the water that we all need to live, saving the planet, sacrificing consumption of certain food or even health for a more sustainable excuse to move toward a purpose that gives our lives meaning. All of those things are indeed important but there is more to life than this.

I have been fighting all my life. Fighting to survive in a dangerous and relentless world of vicious monsters society claims are the good guys. They really aren’t good at all but are more like the story about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Walking around in the emperor’s new clothes. Everyone sees it but nobody dares to call it the way it is. With so many injustices and idiocy that cause the suffering and chaos in the world, there has to be more to life than this.

I know the only way to have world peace is for the world to find inner peace within themselves. The only way to save the planet and all of her resources is for everyone to see the value of saving the resources and want it bad enough to give up all of the conveniences that our complacent laziness desires.

Everything worth having is worth the work. It is worth the cost of effort to have it. If it is not worth it to you, you will not be motivated to pay the consequences. We often take the path of least resistance and always make the choice that has less pain. That is why there is suffering in the world, that is why there is no world peace, no inner peace, no chance of creating order in a chaotic existence.

For me, I have been going through change in my life just as we all should experience. Change is difficult and it takes a lot of hard work and it can be very painful. So, why bother with it if it is so hard and painful? Because there is more to this life than suffering.

We all want to fit in somewhere. We are constantly looking for like-minded groups. We all at some time in our lives try to fit our round self securely into a square hole that leaves us feeling odd, the misfit, the reject, and quite often alone and trying to conform our round shape into that square group where we don’t even belong. Why? because it is easier to suffer than it is to keep moving forward and searching and accepting the unknown and that these groups are not where you fit. Uncertainty of whether or not there are round groups of people where you fit in snug and perfectly.

The Occupy movement, DAPL, Civil Rights, Women’s Liberation, All of these movements had an impact because people join together on causes that make them feel like they fit in and have a cause to fight that they can gain recognition. They follow along and participate because it gives their lives meaning and a feeling of accomplishment. It is human  to want to fit in, feel good about ourselves and be recognized for our contribution. We all need acceptance and validation. There is nothing more beautiful than a majority of society coming together in unity for the same fight for the same cause and make shit happen. Why? Because it is what we all desire. We all want to be part of the Winning team because there is more to this life than this mundane boring and meaningless existence.

My change that I am experiencing on my part of this beautiful journey called life, I am trying to shed some preconditioned ways of thinking. Destructive, debilitating, stagnant ways of thinking. I was taught to never let them see you sweat, to display emotion is a sign of weakness and the world will close in on you for the kill if there is even a glimmer of vulnerability. I was taught that I had to do everything with perfection. Practice makes perfect. Never stop practicing because if you don’t use it you will lose it.

I have been trying to accept that first, it is ok to not be perfect at something or anything for that matter. It is the imperfection that makes us perfect. I will not be good at everything and it is ok to suck at stuff. Everyone makes mistakes including me. Mistakes are inevitable and I will surely make them and it is ok to make mistakes. The mistakes aren’t the problem, it is how we handle the mistake. It is owning the mistake, learning from it and moving forward from there.

I have been so worried that I will never be liked, accepted or fit in if I don’t conform and figure out what the world wants me to be. Then I realized, it doesn’t matter what the world wants me to be, it matters that I accept that I am me in all of my imperfections and mistakes and be who I am meant to be, which is me. If I just be me, I will find my groove and slide right into place snug and comfy.

I still battle the fear of rejection, not being perfect, the fear of “them” seeing me sweat and most of all the world is going to see that I am not that perfect image I want the world to see. I am afraid of what they are going to say or do when I make my mistakes and when they see my weakness and my flaws. I am afraid of being vulnerable and trusting that I will be ok as long as I am ok with the real me.

There is more to this world than doing what others approve or being accepted by people who have no clue to what makes you, you. No need to be fake to fit in with others who are likely fake. It is better to feel like you belong in a group where you and them are free to be real.

I am not always happy, I am sometimes a basket case. I am not always in a place of perfect peace and sometimes I find it difficult to Love. Although there are a billion good causes and lots of things to save, the most important thing is being someone who is brave. Courage is not the absense of fear, it is facing it and then finding the strength in overcoming it. Being perfect is accepting that nothing natural is perfect. There is chaos in nature and nature is beautifully imperfect. 

Being a Witch focused on Nature is not just plants and trees but also being attuned to what is natural in you and me.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song