Over the past couple of years, I have been in such serious condition of seriousness that I had forgotten to have fun. That’s ok. That happens sometimes. Life can take us through some heavy kind of serious moments. Being sick for a long time, everything in life became serious and I lost my sense of humor. Everything was emotionally heavy and serious.

I forgot the most important thing in life. I forgot to enjoy the good moments. I forgot to enjoy the craft. Honestly, it is difficult to have fun when sick or dealing with loss. When we do have those moments of joy and merriment, others look at it as though it must not be as serious as it is because we can smile and laugh. Feelings of guilt seem to well up and course through our mind.

You know what? Time to change that point of view. Laughter and fun can be very healing and it can offer a relief if only temporary to the stress of seriousness. Oh, it is easy for me to say this now that I am well. The few times I had the opportunity to have fun, I tried to enjoy myself and I felt that others will never know just how serious my situation was to me during those two years.

What I have learned is to remind myself to allow me the break during the difficult times to enjoy life, magick, and the craft with all the wonderful people in it. Yes, Witchcraft can be very serious. Like when in the middle of a magickal working, things are quite serious but let’s not forget to lighten the mood when we are talking about the craft. No, I don’t mean we should make the craft a joke but don’t get so serious that you will argue about it.

The biggest lesson I learned is to laugh at the seriousness of beliefs. Let’s face it. What we believe is the fuel for our craft but it doesn’t really matter if others understand or believe what we believe. There is no need to convince others you are right. There is no need for others to understand or believe the same way you do because it doesn’t take away your power if they don’t.

As serious as we feel about what is happening in our lives or what we believe, Don’t forget to have fun with it.  Have as much light-hearted fun as you can in this life because seriousness will steal your joy. When something takes your breath away, let it be something fun and exhilarating.

This realization hit me in the face last night at an Open Mic night at a local bar. I had forgotten that life isn’t that serious and when everything including our craft is so serious that stress seems to be all life is about, it is because we are taking things way too seriously. The craft is fun and enjoyable and very personal. If you are not enjoying it, then it is likely that you are taking it way too seriously. It is absolutely necessary to see it for what it is…An enjoyable art. The art of magick, the art of healing, the art of expression all with a breath of light and fun.

Enjoy the moment because that is all we really have.

Summer Song