In many of my articles, I often refer to personal power. I speak of personal power in terms of Witchcraft whenever I speak of magick or healing, manifesting, or creating your life. The reason I talk about personal power often is because it is necessary to have personal power in order to make things really work.

In my lifetime as a Witch, I have realized that my personal power seems to wane a bit from time to time.  There is an influx of my confidence, in my self-view, and in my view of the world. There are many times that my emotions take over and create doubt in myself. When this happens I begin to waver in my determination, my energy, and my focus. That stops me from taking action toward the things I need to accomplish.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve had many ups and downs with my self-esteem and my self-efficacy. I had to remind myself that I am human like everyone else and therefore I am not perfect and can not reasonably expect myself to be perfect. I also found that being uncertain about anything effects my personal power. Doubt is a personal power killer for me.

For the last three years, I have been working on healing my mind, body, and spirit. As resources for my healing come and go, I am finding new resources to continue my healing and growth on the journey I have been on for quite some time.

It has been quite a magical trip for me these past few years. I started out trying to discover why I was sick and in pain. It has been a continual fight with all three aspects of me. I had to fight the Medical Practitioners to get them to order the right tests and follow through on anything and everything. It was a fight to get what I needed to be approved by the insurance company.  While I was very ill and just starting counseling, I found a book that proved to be quite valuable in my healing journey. This book is called Change your story change your life.

I used this book while I was seeing a therapist. The exercises it recommended were simple, but healing is obviously painful and difficult. Events from my past were denied by the perpetrators (my family) and I was starting to believe I had imagined it all. Then, someone from my past who was a witness re-entered my life and not only confirmed what I remembered but also offered more details of what they saw and remember that was proof for me that it was real. Then another came into my life and confirmed more of what I remembered. I wasn’t crazy or delusional or any of that.

Then, recently, my awesome medical Doctor that I finally picked and saw twice got promoted and I lost my doctor and I just found out that I am losing my therapist. I was feeling a bit lost at that, so, I began to feel like I was so close before it all fell apart.

But Then, I accidentally found videos that were very eye-opening and reaffirming for me. I want to share them here just in case it may help you also.  Tony Robbins is a good person to listen to. Don’t listen to the jealous losers who talk crap about Tony Robbins. His words are true and they make sense. He offers a new perspective on life and people and various aspects of both to help people overcome what holds them back. Part of Healing comes from listening to others who have the words that can change your life by changing the way you think or see the world.

I also was upset that I am not finished healing and I don’t have the resources to pay for a quality counselor or therapist. I felt lost and alone and like there is no one in the world who can really understand what I’ve been through what less anyone left to help me. I temporarily forgot about what has been happening from the moment I decided to begin my healing journey.

I was feeling lost and frustrated and was looking for entertainment when I found this video Featuring the late Psalm Isadora. Considering the topic, I am sure you understand I found this video just before Valentine’s Day. She tells “Her Story” and it was so close to my own and I watched as she told her story and how strong she has become and I realized that this woman is my new role model. She has passed away but the legacy she left behind was a guide to healing a large part of my pain.

I realized I am at a good place in my healing that I might be able to make it the rest of the way with the support system I have left. All is not lost. There are resources available to me that are beneficial on this particular part of my path that I am on. There are many videos online and on Youtube and that I am convinced at this point that the guidance I need will always be available to me although it may not be offered in a conventional way.

I also realized that I may be in a bad place at the moment but I will not be here forever. My life seems to be slowly healing in every aspect and some others who are outside looking into my life may view me as “a nothing” or “a nobody” or even “a loser”.  Not many people have the slightest clue of what I have achieved and what I have overcome in my life.

I recall back in 2015 when I first started Witch Digest, my site and my app was new and didn’t have much traffic yet or much content for that matter. I found others who were struggling with their witchy type offers. I approached about three people, two of which I asked after I had a bit of traffic because I felt it would help them and offer new perspectives for our readers.

Although they were not all that great themselves, (especially the first one), I figured they might see some value considering what each of us offered complimented the other. I realized that while the rest of the world seem to place themselves too high on their own pedestals I realized I don’t give myself enough credit. I realized that when people with multiple Ph.D.’s and Master’s Degrees can’t write a simple 500-word blog post and hardly any authors of books seem to be able to write a simple 500-word blog post what less a 1500 word blog post, I wasn’t seeing things for what they really were.  They were only a distraction for me. I didn’t feel I had anything to offer back then. After all, who knew me? I withdrew from the world. I hid all of my accomplishments. I hid all of my achievements, including the tiny ones and the bigger ones.

I realized that just as everything else I have done in life, again, I will have to take this as far as I can, completely on my own as usual. Thinking about how much Witch Digest has grown in the last 3 years, I have realized that I am stronger than I realized. In fact, I realized that I am a lot more than I gave myself credit for.

In Everything I do, I understand I am limited and pretty much can achieve anything I want to accomplish and I can do it alone. I tried to bring friends with me on this journey but so far,  none of them have wanted to come along. I get a little tired of people complaining about the successful people or the wealthy 1%. They complain about what they can’t afford and how they are so screwed and all that crap and yet they either won’t do what they need to do to achieve goals (if they bother to set any) and then they blame everyone but themselves. In doing this one little act, they give up their own personal power.

My personal power may waver and I may not be the most financially secure individual but I am reaching my goals. I have a super long way and a really difficult road to travel on my journey of healing before I will ever appear successful to others because where I have started on my journey is a much longer distance to travel toward success than most.

I may not feel strong every day and I may not ever appear strong to others but it doesn’t matter because I know what my struggles are and because I face them every day and I constantly work and push toward my goals and as I complete one, I create my next one, I know what my success looks like.

Witches depend greatly on her/his personal power. It is what drives us to success regardless if a simple spell or making that billion dollar deal. Our personal power is something we control ourselves. Only we can develop or give away our personal power. We can choose to use our personal power or not. The first thing to do is learn and remind yourself often of what personal power looks like.

I can honestly say, I am the poorest member of my coven and it doesn’t bother me because I know eventually, I will reach my goals.

“As long as I have breath, I can and I will, Watch me!”

All things are possible. If you can think it, you can create it.

The only limit is the limit of your imagination.

You have Personal Power within you!   Tap into it.       

  Live well,

Summer Song